David & Sonya Cooper

Kevin and Helen Walton of Adroit Wedding Videography were responsible for capturing footage of our wedding day in Hamilton on the 12th of January 2008. We discovered them through research on the internet, and were astounded at the amount of coverage they provided for such a reasonable price. On meeting with them prior to the wedding to discuss the package we had chosen, how they work and any advice they had for us, we were looking forward to having them on board on our special day.

When the wedding day came around they were wonderful, they made the trip down from Auckland the day before the wedding to be there at the rehearsal and discuss what the celebrant’s preferences were for videography in the chapel. They were very accepting and understanding of his recommendations and gave their own advice as to how they could capture the essence of the day while not invading anyone’s space.

On the day, Kevin & Helen were so much help. Their professional attitude meant they got on well with everyone, and they were friendly, offered great advice while at the same time managing to do so without us really knowing that they were there filming us. So much about being comfortable in front of the camera is being comfortable with the person holding the camera, and we were so happy with how great Kevin & Helen were. On top of this, they proved to be great as a go-between for the bride’s party and the groom’s party, communicating details and helping things run smoothly and on time. They were not just videographers but a support team that helped with so many of the small details of the day that are so hard to remember when you are trying to enjoy yourself.

On receiving the footage of the day we were absolutely thrilled. The montage they created was amazing, capturing all of the important parts of the day to our music with editing that was second to none. The amount of editing to cut down the whole day of filming to a 4hour DVD would have been huge, so getting a copy of the DVD all edited only 3weeks after the wedding was a credit to their hard work.

In conclusion, we would thoroughly recommend the services of Kevin and Helen for wedding videography to everyone, and pass on our best regards to their future in a career that they are so gifted in.

– David & Sonya Cooper